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Muti-Light Stem Hung Pendant

Our linear multi-light pendants come in various styles and designs. The linear arrangement of the pendants creates a sleek and streamlined look, often used to provide lighting over a long surface or to complement the shape of a dining table, kitchen island, or a rectangular conference table. The length of the linear bar or rod can vary depending on the specific design, with options ranging from a few feet to several feet long.

Arcade 2-Light

Arcade 3-Light

Café 2-Light

Café 3-Light

Café 4-Light

Deep Bowl 2-Light

Deep Bowl 3-Light

Deep Bowl 4-Light

Flare 2-Light

Flare 3-Light

Julia 2-Light

Julia 3-Light

Jynx 2-Light

Jynx 3-Light

Nest 3-Light

Pinnacle 2-Light

Pinnacle 3-Light

Prima 2-Light

Schoolhouse 2-Light

Radial 3-Light

Vaportite 2-Light

Vaportite 3-Light

Vaportite 4-Light

Warehouse 2-Light

Warehouse 3-Light

Warehouse 4-Light

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